A different view of Madrid

Madrid has a lot to see. We offer you an original tour, visiting different parts of Madrid and riding bikes you won’t find anywhere else.

Madrid Río is a park and promenade for cyclists and pedestrians along the Manzanares river, very near the city center. It covers an area of about six kilometers from point to point.

Madrid Río was designed as a solution to move the M30 beltway underground, while recovering an area of the city which used to look run-down, noisy and totally unattractive to locals or tourists. This is now one of the most privileged areas of Madrid and has boosted the number of everyday and occasional cyclists. It provides spectacular views of the Royal Palace and the Almudena Cathedral, among other buildings on Madrid´s skyline.


Casa de Campo

Madrid Río links directly with Casa de Campo, one of the city´s main green areas. The Casa de Campo is an extensive park of pine and other species of tree, which has been carefully preserved and is considered one of the most important leisure areas of the capital. It is home to a wealth of flora and fauna and also to Madrid´s Zoo Aquarium and the Amusement Park.

MTT 010
Riding a trike on one of Casa de Campo’s many avenues, closed to traffic

A trike ride with Madrid Trike Tours will be one of the best memories you can take back home with you.

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